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Biomass Boilers – Reduce Heating and Energy Costs

Biomass Pellets from Red Energy Group

Biomass Pellets are clean and small, delivered direct to your door.

A biomass boiler is a modern alternative to a traditional Gas or Oil fired boiler with the added advantage of being up to 50% cheaper to run than a fossil fuel boiler. Along with a running efficiency of over 92%, you can be sure that every time the boiler is heating, your carbon footprint and impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

The boiler works in the same way as a conventional system, heating your building and hot water, it’s self-fuelling as well as self-cleaning and requires just an annual service like any other boiler. Pellets are delivered direct to you approximately 2 – 3 times a year, or can be ordered more frequently if required.

So, half your heating cost, fuel delivered to your door and over 92% efficient – sound good? It gets even better…

What if we told you that in addition you can get an income for 20 Years that effectively gives you free heating? Sound even better? Then read on…

20 Years of free heating and get paid for it

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) pays you money for producing heat using a biomass boiler. The RHI can cover the cost of the supply and installation of the boiler, plus more than pay for your fuel pellets and leave you with an income for 20 years.

An example of how to save money on heating:

A small industrial unit are spending £10,000 a year on Oil heating. Upgrading to a biomass boiler reduces the cost of fuel by 50% to around £5000 a year. In addition they would be paid RHI payments of approximately £8,000 per year for 20 years which are index linked.

RHI + Fuel saving = £13,000 per year
Combined over a 20 year period = £260,000
Total cost of system = £36,000
Total RHI and saving = £224,000

The above is an estimate for illustrative purposes. Fuel savings and RHI payments vary depending upon usage.

Why would you get paid to use heating? The RHI scheme is a major part of the United Kingdom’s commitment to reducing our Carbon Emissions, so to encourage people to move away from expensive, high carbon fuels such as Oil or LPG they’re offering this very generous scheme.

Can anyone have Biomass heating? As you might expect with such a good scheme, there are certain rules to qualify.

If you are:
- A business, industrial units, recreational such a golf club or swimming pool, a school, a community building, a care home, a town/village hall, agricultural or similar or if you own a development of residential properties (i.e. more than 1)

And you currently use:
-    Oil or Gas or Electric or LPG for heating

Then you should qualify for this offer, please contact us if you would like us to check if you are eligible.

Biomass offers

We offer three main ways for you to purchase a biomass boiler, these are:

Biomass Boiler – 100% financed

Finance your boimass boiler

Red Energy Group offers a range of finance options to help you get the full benefit of Biomass heating and the RHI.

The 100% financed method is suited to businesses and organisations who do not to invest money upfront, but would still like the benefits of a biomass boiler, without having to worry about maintaining, servicing and ordering pellets. In this option Red Energy Group own the boiler equipment and receive any government incentives (RHI). The lease and a heat supply contract agreed and signed between Red Energy Group and your business.

Key Points:

- Red Energy Group owns the boiler, your business uses the boiler
- No money upfront
- 100% of the RHI comes to Red Energy Group
- FREE operation and servicing contract
- Fuel Pellets are supplied by Red Energy Group
- You reduce your fuel bill by 50% and reduce your carbon footprint

Biomass Boiler – Fully purchased

For businesses and organisations who have the capital available to purchase and install the boiler upfront, this is ideal. This means that you will get back 100% of the RHI payments which will quickly cover your initial outlay. Red Energy Group can also provide competitive maintenace contracts and fuel pellet delivery options.

Key Points:

- Your business owns the boiler outright
- Your get back 100% of the RHI payment
- Competative maintenance contract offered
- Fuel Pellets can be supplied by Red Energy Group
- You reduce your fuel bill by 50% and reduce your carbon footprint

Biomass Boiler – Loan financed

With the loan financed option, Red Energy Group pays for the initial purchase and installation of the boiler, in return for 50% of the RHI payments. This is used to repay the loan used to purchase and install the boiler, once this is repaid you own the boiler outright.

Key Points:

- Your business owns the boiler, Red Energy Group operates the boiler
- No upfront outlay for your business
- Half of the RHI payments go to you
- Complete Service & Support
- You reduce your fuel bill by 50% and reduce your carbon footprint

Biomass frequently asked questions

What fuel does Biomass use?
Biomass boilers use pellets which are usually Wood pellets made from compacted sawdust or other saw-milling waste and wood products. The pellets are very dense with a low moisture content of less than 10%, allowing them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.

How much will I save on fuel?
Compared to common fuels such as gas, oil or electric, you could expect to save up to 50% on your annual fuel bill.

Do I need to feed the pellets in when I want to use it?
No, the boiler has a hopper system which stores a large number of pellets which are automatically fed in to the boiler on demand.

Where do I buy the pellets?
We deliver the pellets to you directly. Typically that would be 2 to 3 times a year but can be more or less depending on your needs.

How often does the boiler need to be serviced?
Just like any other heating system, the biomass requires an annual service.

Can anyone have Biomass?
Yes, although to qualify for the RHI scheme you need to be a business or community type building (e.g. a village hall, a sports centre).

Are there any geographic restrictions in the UK?
No, the system can be installed anywhere in the country.

Is it really better for the environment?
Absolutely. The CO2 savings are significant and efficiency of the biomass boiler is much better than traditional fuels, the heating needs to run less often to achieve the same heat output. So much so that the carbon created by the burning process is roughly similar to the amount of carbon the tree absorbed when growing.